August 2012

Hall of Fame

Forming a union for the feeder leagues in Canada

The member clubs of the Canadian Hockey League have been working diligently for over a year to put together a players’ association – all behind the back of CHL Commissioner David Branch. How does this kind of move affect the relationship between the players and the owners? Will we soon be seeing teenagers regularly making six figures a year?


Russell Wilson’s rise in Seattle

Russell Wilson is trying to redefine what it means to be an NFL quarterback. While the league maintains its belief that QBs under six feet aren’t able to see all the open receivers, Wilson – at 5’11” – has shown that he’s more than capable of completing a pass. His stellar numbers in the Big Ten prove it, but is that enough to land him a starting job in the only football league that matters?


Your name is Terrell Owens

Being Terrell Owens has its perks and its drawbacks. Being Terrell Owens at 38 years of age has a lot more of the latter. Having been released by the Seattle Seahawks, it looks as though the storied career of T.O. may be coming to an end, but if one thing is certain, Owens will only go out one way: his way.


Building a “big three” in the NBA

Building a “big three” such as those found in Miami, Oklahoma City and now Los Angeles requires money and a desirable location for all-star-caliber players. Recent history has shown that teams with more than one go-to guy have been wildly more successful than those without, and PJ Carr proves it.