September 2012


Calling the shots

There’s nothing more grand in baseball than a home run, which is why the art of the “home run call” for baseball broadcasters is a point of creativity, spontananeity and, sometimes, pride. How the broadcaster describes the big fly ball remains ingrained in our memories, and each subsequent homer adds to the lore, which forces each broadcaster to be unique in the way he or she immortalizes the call.


The Savior: Connor McDavid leads Erie’s return to relevance

If you haven’t yet heard of Connor McDavid, where have you been? As the third-ever OHLer awarded “exceptional player” status, McDavid has some big shoes to fill, but the new star of the Erie Otters old has been working his whole life to get to where he is. While he has a long way to go before landing in the Hockey Hall of Fame, he’s as sure a thing right now as any 15-year-old has ever been.


This Love Is Not for Cowards (2012)

Life in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico is dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that seeing dead bodies in the street is a daily occurrence. Still, that did not stop Robert Andrew Powell from chronicling his life in the midst of the terror, where soccer has become a source of strength and salvation for many of the citizens. His 2012 book on the subject captures the spirit of the embattled city.


MVP – Media Valued Players

The battle for the American League Most Valuable Player is squarely between Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout. Cabrera is on the verge of possibly winning the first hitters’ Triple Crown since 1967, while Mike Trout is dominating the new metrics charts like few ever have – and doing so as a rookie. This year’s award will essentially come down to a battle of the old guard versus the new.

Other Sports

The fall and rise of UFC

The history of the UFC has been a turbulent one. The sport’s fledging story began in 1993, and the difference between product offered then and that seen now is light night and day. Still, like any business, growing pains were necessary for the company to become the multi-million dollar empire it is, and much of that success is owed to one man: Dana White.