May 2013


Appreciating the masterfully aged San Antonio Spurs

With all due respects to Kobe Bryant, who’s renamed himself Mamba Vino, the San Antonio Spurs are your vintage Bordeaux. The Spurs have aged with grace, and through their aging process, they have taken on different noses; David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker and back to Tim Duncan again. Is this the year they win their fifth NBA championship?


The Times and Life of Larry Hughes: A Biography in Reverse

Let’s talk Larry Hughes, and I mean let’s really talk Larry Hughes, from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between. Hughes may not have ever ended up being the next Michael Jordan, or even an NBA superstar by most definitions, but that doesn’t mean his story isn’t still one of the most inspiring of our generation. You just have to tell it in reverse.


The New Orleans Pelicans: What’s in a Name?

Logos, mascots, and team colors are all extremely important factors in creating a sports team’s identity. There have been some teams that have managed to become far more popular than others simply based on the fact that more people want to wear their merchandise. When the New Orleans Hornets announced that they’ll be changing their team name to the Pelicans they accepted the task of totally reinventing their marketing identity.


Kyle Love, Diabetes and Business as Usual

The NFL is a big business, and the New England Patriots remind everyone of this perhaps more than any other team in the league. This May, the team released defensive tackle Kyle Love – and in terms of timing, it’s perhaps worse than the time they released wide receiver Tiquan Underwood the day before Super Bowl XLVI. That’s because this time, the decision to release Love came on the heels of the player having been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Charles Blouin-Gascon explains.


Eleven Rings (2013)

There aren’t many coaches more interesting than Phil Jackson, both in terms of career and personal life. In a trade where coaches are increasingly alike, Jackson’s the Zen Master, the imposing figure sitting on a throne-like seat. Mark Milner reviews Jackson’s latest autobiography.