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As one of many contributors to Alex Holt specializes in professional football. He has written columns and published stories since June 2011.

The fall of Turner Gill

It wasn’t long ago when Turner Gill was one of the most talked about coaching names in college football. Coming off a series of impressive years with the University at Buffalo, Gill had seemingly established himself as one of the game’s hottest commodities. Just three years later, however, the coach’s stock is anything but hot.


A familiar story in Buffalo, but could it have a different ending?

The Buffalo Bills have been here before; as recently as 2008 they managed to start an NFL campaign with a 4-1 record, backed by the solid play of overachieving running backs and a quarterback who wasn’t exactly internationally known. We all know how that ended. This time around, with Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the charge, can we expect something different?


Where have all the Wildcats gone?

As quickly as it burst onto the scene, it appears as though the Wildcat offense (made famous by the 2008 Miami Dolphins) has been classified a playbook novelty. The innovative formation, however, hasn’t completely disappeared. Thanks to teams like the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns, the Wildcat lives on.


David Garrard’s Jacksonville exit

To the casual observer, it would look as though the Jacksonville Jaguars came full circle when they released David Garrard last week and replaced him with Luke McCown (not to mention first-year Blaine Gabbert). After all, it was Garrard who had taken over the Jaguars’ starting QB position just days before the beginning of the …

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Size doesn’t matter: Darren Sproles’ unlikely success

Of all the positions in football, one might think that running back would be one where size isn’t a requirement. After all, a smaller player would seem to have an easier time squeezing through tight gaps and bursting down the field. However, as shown by both the recent success and limitations of former San Diego …

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