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Pat Tillman

Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey Of Pat Tillman (2009)

Sports fans certainly remember the story of Pat Tillman, an NFL safety who retired from the game following September 11th and enlisted in the army. Jon Krakauer, author of Into Thin Air and Into The Wild, brings the story to life in a 2009 release. Check out Andrew Bucholtz’ review of the book.

SMU Broncos

June Jones and Hal Mumme could create offensive fireworks at SMU

Two of college football’s most renowned offensive minds are teaming up, and it could make for an explosive combination. Famed former Hawaii and NFL coach June Jones, who’s been the head coach at Southern Methodist University since 2008, has brought the legendary Hal Mumme in as offensive coordinator for this season.

Johnny Manziel

If you can’t beat the SEC… join them?

The endless years of NCAA realignment discussion seem to have died down for the moment, and the SEC has come out on top. That’s not surprising. The conference has been the dominant NCAA football power for most of the last decade, winning the last seven BCS championships, and that success arguably carried over to the realignment realm, where they didn’t lose anyone and added two impressive schools in Texas A&M and Missouri. Considering how disastrously realignment went for many, that’s not bad at all.


Everett Golson and the role of academics in NCAA football

The news came out late last week that an elite athlete can’t participate in his sport for a year. That’s hardly uncommon: heck, it even happened more than once last week alone, but things tend to get weirder and more unusual when you’re talking about college sports, though, and that’s what makes the case of Everett Golson stand out. It all begs the question of what role academics ought to play in the NCAA.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

Why Titus Young is more than a punchline

Titus Young was arrested for a third time in a span of a week recently, a concerning feat that’s had the sports blogosphere quipping ever since. As Andrew Bucholtz explains, however, given the possibility of mental illness – or even traumatic brain injury as Young’s father claims – the case in general is one that the football community is going to have to find a better way of dealing with.