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TheGP Fantasy Footballpalooza 2013

DRAFT ORDER (first round) 1.1.1 Howard – Peyton Manning 1.2.2 Rich** – Randall Cobb 1.3.3 Dan – Larry Fitzgerald 1.4.4 Cass – Reggie Bush 1.5.5 Tyler – Steven Jackson 1.6.6 Tracey – Wes Welker 1.7.7 Ryan – Chris Johnson 1.8.8 Fabio – Maurice Jones-Drew 1.9.9 Steve – DeMarco Murray 1.10.10 Jordan* – Tony Romo 1.11.11 Brandon – Montee Ball 1.12.12 Dave – Eric Decker 1.13.13 Travis – Eddie Lacy 1.14.14 Josh** – Marques Colston 1.15.15…

The Quick Point Updates – Aug. 7, 2013

We’ve been in and out of hibernation this summer, completely overhauling much of the website’s aesthetic shell. As I’ve said before, our emphasis was on making the interface a) cleaner and fresh, b) more intuitive and convenient and c) more competitive on search engines and ad markets.


Betting tips on the MLB season

It’s very much early days yet in the 2013/14 MLB season, but this is no barrier to the arguments and betting about which sides will win the American and National Leagues, or the World Series – indeed many of those debates started virtually as soon as the last season ended.


Mississauga Humane Society – 2013 Starlight Soiree

Looking to purchase more than one individual ticket for the Mississauga Humane Society Starlight Soiree on July 19th? Tickets 1 Ticket – $40.00 CAD2 Tickets – $80.00 CAD3 Tickets – $120.00 CAD4 Tickets – $160.00 CAD5 Tickets – $200.00 CAD6 Tickets – $240.00 CAD7 Tickets – $280.00 CAD8 Tickets – $320.00 CAD9 Tickets – $360.00 CAD10 Tickets – $400.00 CAD


Pacers-Celtics canceled, to be made up at

That this post is even necessary is a shame in itself, but an individual or series of individuals who fancied themselves important enough to inflict their disturbed will upon the lives of hundreds and thousands of innocents – physically, through the successful detonation of a pair of explosives at the world-renowned Boston Marathon, and emotionally, as any attack close to home does.