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Secretariat (2010)

Rating: 4/10 They say what makes or breaks an effective tale is the way a storyteller portrays it. With the right storyteller, an explanation stating how one makes a peanut and jelly sandwich can be entertaining. The story of the racehorse Secretariat is an inspiring and extraordinary string of events. However, in this case of …

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Rookie of the Year (1993)

Rating: 10/10 Though often attempted, only a handful of sports movies actually have what it takes to withstand the test of time. Some fade eventually and some flop right out of the gates, one such movie that has stood out amongst the pack as one of the classics is 1993s Rookie of the Year, directed …

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The Blind Side (2009)

Rating: 6/10 The Blind Side is a powerful movie with heartwarming message that led the way to the 2009 Academy Awards, picking up a Best Picture nomination in the process. Judging by its mass success, the film from director John Lee Hancock can be enjoyed by people of all ages interested in a transformation story. …

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Murderball (2005)

Rating: 10/10 When true stories are adapted for a big screen treatment, it’s usually a hit-or-miss deal. Documentaries, on the other hand, pack much more of an impassioned punch that resonates for a much longer period of time. Murderball, the documentary at hand about wheelrchair rugby, is a perfect example of how these projects are …

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Frozen (2010)

Rating: 7/10 Frozen is the latest entry in the “bottle film” category. Usually a term applied to television shows, a bottle film is when a movie is shot at one location and that location only. Horror films, like this one, tend to use this method of filmmaking in order to build intensity and make its …

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