Articles by Beau Brace


Saint Patrick and the Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern University head football coach Pat Fitzgerald is intense. At least, that’s what his players say. His program is run his way and players are expected to deal with it. From the program’s academic goals (he expects his players to succeed as students at one of the premier academic universities in the United States) to his thoughts on social networking (don’t, ever), Fitzgerald asks that his players make the school proud. Of course, he also…


“These Guys Were Stars”: The fall and rise of USC football

When you think about it, the University of Southern California’s downfall under NCAA sanctions makes some sense. After all, from its extensive coverage in national media to its players’ cardinal and gold uniforms, the program was flashy. What got them noticed most, though, was that they won, often spectacularly, and they didn’t apologize. At times during the Pete Carroll years, USC football seemed to be as untouchable as Bill Belichick’s Patriots. They were a well-oiled…