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Boise State Broncos

Situation Critical: Holding the NCAA accountable

It’s become boring, these days, to talk about college football, and you’re well aware of it. Throughout the summer, every time college football has been brought up, it’s been “NCAA this” or “NCAA that,” “Johnny Manziel this” or “Johnny Manziel that,” or “NCAA and Johnny Manziel this” or “NCAA and Johnny Manziel that”. But you know that the alternative, the one where absolutely no one talks about the NCAA, is even worse.

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel, Frankenstein

The NCAA created a monster when it awarded its prestigious Heisman Trophy – deservingly so, too – to Johnny Manziel after just his freshman season. Oh, Johnny Manziel isn’t a monster to any- and everyone. Just Mark Emmert and the rest of the NCAA bunch. In fact, he’s not a monster to anyone else. The rest of us, we’re all cheering him on.

Hernandez Police Football

The Muddy Waters of New England

Just what in the hell is happening in New England this offseason? The team remains in the news week after week after week, which is quite unlike the organization. Most recently the name making headlines is Aaron Hernandez. Charles Blouin-Gascon explores the wild and wacky few months that have made up the New England Patriots’ 2013 offseason.


Kyle Love, Diabetes and Business as Usual

The NFL is a big business, and the New England Patriots remind everyone of this perhaps more than any other team in the league. This May, the team released defensive tackle Kyle Love – and in terms of timing, it’s perhaps worse than the time they released wide receiver Tiquan Underwood the day before Super Bowl XLVI. That’s because this time, the decision to release Love came on the heels of the player having been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Charles Blouin-Gascon explains.


Making sense of Mike McNeil and the Auburn Tigers

There once when a time when Mike McNeil was a proud member of the 2011 BCS Championship-winning Auburn Tigers, now the former safety is serving a three-year sentence for armed robbery. Charles Blouin-Gascon takes a closer look at the scandal, how it will impact the college football program and vice versa.