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The Hinrich Maneuvre

As fans of any major sport, we all have favorite players growing up. There are those we naturally root for and others we choose to root for – it could be for any reason – their talent, their grittiness, their attitude. A player might just happen to be one of the best players on your favorite teams or perhaps they played for the college you once attended. Sometimes they’re the best in the league and many times they’re not. For Daniel Hanna, that’s Kirk Hinrich.


Placing Penny: Is Hardaway’s future in the Hall of Fame?

In the mid-’90s, Anfernee Hardaway became an NBA superstar on the court. Off of it, Penny Hardaway was becoming an icon. Just as he so rapidly appeared on the scene, injuries derailed his course to superstardom at a young age. Yet, Hardaway was humble and preferred to look at his successes over his injuries. Between 1993 and 1998, he accomplished more than what most NBA players did in their entire careers. He was a Rookie game MVP and All-Rookie First Team…


Marlins Ballpark: New stadium poised to elevate franchise

For years, the Florida Marlins have struggled with attendance despite consistently fielding a quality product. That’s about to end next season with the opening of the Marlins’ new, 37,000-seat, retractable roof stadium located on the historic Orange Bowl site in Little Havana. The Marlins’ attendance is near the bottom of the league every year regardless of if the team is successful or not. In 2003, for example, when the Marlins won their second World Series,…


Jan Vesely, the Czech Wizard of Washington

Last season, NBA fans quickly fell in love with the explosive athleticism and dunking ability of Los Angeles Clippers rookie Blake Griffin. This season, look for Wizards lottery pick Jan Vesely from the Czech Republic to dazzle crowds in Washington, DC – wearing his familiar red, white and blue. The Wizards, after years of mediocrity, will become a team that people want to watch. Moving forward, small forward Vesely and center JaVale McGee combine for what may be the…


Busch Stadium: A fitting design for St. Louis

The Gateway Arch, one of the most unique examples of architecture in the world, sits just two blocks away from Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. While the Arch defines St. Louis for many, it’s the Cardinals that actually define its residents. Designed by HOK Sport (now known as Populous) and debuting in 2006, it is certainly a welcome departure from the previous Busch Memorial Stadium, which was a design victim of the cookie-cutter design era. Looking…