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Farewell, Harmon

It is with great sadness that we discuss yesterday’s passing of legendary Hall of Fame slugger Harmon Killebrew at age 74. Since last Friday’s announcement that Killebrew would be stopping treatment in his fight with esophageal cancer and entering hospice care, there has been an outpour of support for the famed Minnesota Twin. For those new to …

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Manny Ramirez and the Baseball Hall of Fame

Dare We Hope that Manny May be Famed? Ron Washington, manager of the Texas Rangers, shares a view point that a lot of baseball’s most respected minds have had recently – all in regards to recently defamed slugger Manny Ramirez. “Until the past couple of years, I thought he was on his way to the Hall …

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MLB addresses concussions with seven-day DL

There’s a rising awareness concerning brain injuries across all professional sports these days, their seriousness, and the jeopardy players put themselves in by attempting to play through them, but we need not look at the severity of concussions in hockey or football to understand why Major League Baseball is taking measures of their own to …

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Stephen Strasburg

Strasburg an All-Star?

In light of Stephen Strasburg’s fourth dominating start for the woeful Washingston Nationals, the buzz around the rookie pitcher’s chances to represent his squad in July’s All-Star Game in Anaheim have heated up. Despite his relative inexperience in Major League Baseball, Strasburg has quickly compiled some of the finest starts for a first-timer in the …

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LA Dodgers most logical bet for Roy Halladay

At a press conference last week, Bob Costas introduced the starting pitcher the American League All-Star team as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. In doing so, he touched on a topic that has been on the minds of Toronto fans for some time now; how long will Roy Halladay stay in Toronto? Baseball’s …

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