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Clayton Kershaw

Major League Baseball in Australia

Major League Baseball has played its biggest card in the quest to develop baseball in Australia. Having already rejuvenated the previously defunct Australian Baseball League (ABL), Major League Baseball is bringing its iconic opening day to Sydney, Australia. Might a Major League series be the perfect spark to ignite the increasing public interest in Australian baseball?


The Case for Evan Longoria as MVP

Evan Longoria is a candidate to win the American League’s MVP award, but where exactly does the man fall among the game’s greatest? Harlan Ambrose takes a thorough look at the numbers behind Longoria’s unassumingly dominant 2013 campaign, arguing that not only is he among the game’s best, he quite possibly already could be.


Jeffrey Loria and the Par 50

With all this talk about the must-watch storylines that have already unfolded in this young Major League Baseball season, it’s been easy to overlook the battle that the Miami Marlins and Houston Astros are fighting for the title have cellar dweller in the big leagues. While the Astros make a compelling case, few have mastered futility as well as Jeffrey Loria.


Reclassifying the Classic: The WBC Explained

The WBC symbolizes the dawn of a new year of baseball, but it’s not without its share of criticism. Harlan Ambrose takes a good look at the Classic’s strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.


Spring Training Reality Check

It’s easy to get lost in the hype of MLB spring training this time of year, but far too many times we’ve seen February and March’s studs turn into regular season duds. Why exactly, should baseball fans tread cautiously and temper their enthusiasm when it comes to basing future success off of the small sample size that is spring training?