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Classic Collapse in Eighth Annual Scaringi Battle

(Photo: Nadia Gugliotta)  It was Jekyll & Hyde Saturday night at the Gale Centre, as what looked to be a nail-biter turned into a collapse of epic proportions. On January 2nd, 2016, in his first year as Captain, Richard Jr. led the White Team to a record-breaking victory by a score of 24-15 in the 8th instalment of the annual holiday pick-up contest, the Scaringi Winter Classic. In a losing effort, defending champion Joey saw his…


2014 Scaringi Winter Classic

Preview Untie Me Please! Saturday, 12.27.2014 / 6:13 PM NIAGARA FALLS, ON – The White & Dark squads will each be gunning for a victory as they square off at the Gale Centre for their traditional holiday tilt, the 7th annual Scaringi Winter Classic. Manned by a pair of brand-new Captains, each club will have extra motivation heading into Saturday night’s matchup after the team’s last meeting ended in a 14-all tie. It was exactly…

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Turning the Page on Wrestling’s Freak Show

Follow the buzzards. This oddly disturbing message comes to us by way of professional wrestling’s newest stable known as the Wyatt Family; more specifically, Bray Wyatt, the maniacal – or perhaps cerebral – Wyatt leader. I know what you’re thinking – this is the year 2013 and I’m not interested in pro wrestling. Believe me, I feel you. But just hang with me for a moment or two, you won’t be disappointed


Jeff Halpern and the Tale of the Lost Draw

There’s something to be said for face-offs in hockey. But, then again, you already knew that. In a sport where puck possession is the name of the game, one who rules the face-off circle is considered king. Joe Scaringi takes a good, romantic and at times tragic, look at how one draw in particular sent an entire NHL playoff run crashing down.


Classic Controversy

Arguably, it was the best one yet. Unquestionably, it was the most controversial. On December 22nd, 2012, at the Gale Centre in Niagara Falls, the Scaringis gathered for the fifth edition of the annual “Scaringi Winter Classic”. In what was a particularly exciting, fast-paced and tightly-contested hockey game, league officials had to step in a day after the final buzzer to quite possibly alter the game’s decision. On the ice, the Tony Scaring-led Dark Team…