Articles by Lucas Di Giovanni

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The New Orleans Pelicans: What’s in a Name?

Logos, mascots, and team colors are all extremely important factors in creating a sports team’s identity. There have been some teams that have managed to become far more popular than others simply based on the fact that more people want to wear their merchandise. When the New Orleans Hornets announced that they’ll be changing their team name to the Pelicans they accepted the task of totally reinventing their marketing identity.

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Cliff Fletcher and his Janitorial Failure

During the Toronto Maple Leafs’ extended stint outside the playoffs, they made a change at General Manager. After John Ferguson Jr. but before Brian Burke, Cliff Fletcher was brought in to clean up the mess. Instead, the interim GM arguably took a bad situation and made it worse, and the Leafs have been stuck in a vicious cycle of failure ever since.

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Nashville hones ‘The Predator Way’

As several NHL franchises can attest, permanently shaking the “expansion team” tag is not an easy task. Fortunately for hockey fans in Tennessee, the Nashville Predators have battled valiantly to do exactly that. Reliable coaching, consistent player development and a disciplined management staff have put this team on the map.