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Searching for Steve Bartman

For eight long years Steve Bartman’s silence has echoed throughout Major League Baseball. His infamous decision to reach for a contested foul ball in the eighth inning of a critical Game 6 is all that remains. After all this time, what – if anything – can bring the man out from wherever he’s been hiding since Oct. 13, 2003?


Four’s a crowd in Phillies rotation

While most teams in late September are simply scratching and clawing for the chance to make the playoffs, a few teams have more breathing room; tweaking the finer details of their batting order, situational statistics, pitching matchups, and the minutia that may just make a big difference down the line. The Philadelphia Phillies are one of those teams this season, and are discussing options for their fourth starter come October. Let’s be clear. The No….


Jason Isringhausen and the Night of Personal Triumphs

On the night of August 15, 2011, Jim Thome strolled into the batter’s box. His Twins narrowly led the Tigers in a back-and-forth night game under the Comerica Park lights. The count was 2-1 as Thome brought his bat to meet Detroit’s Daniel Schlereth’s eyes, then set back and waited. A few moments later, Thome launched his 600th career home run into the Detroit sky and Thome began yet another jog around the bases. The world quickly exploded…


Duck, duck, closer! Philadelphia’s relief pitching ensemble

The MLB closer is one of the most volatile positions in all of sports. Although occasionally ninth inning responsibilities change hands as the result of injury, more often than not, poor performance is the main cause for any turnover, the rate of which, between closers on Opening Day and at the end of the season is typically above the 50% mark. This year, several closers have already been relieved of their roles – Frank Francisco, Brandon Lyon…


Do the Cardinals have enough pitching to make a run in 2011?

A lot has been said about the St. Louis Cardinals’ offense this year. While Albert Pujols isn’t showcasing his typical dominance, Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday are picking up the slack and keeping the Cardinals right in the thick of the NL Central race. It’s hard to deny that hitting has been the reason for the Cardinals’ success so far. Currently, the Cardinals are ranked fifth in the majors in runs scored, third in both batting…