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Travis Nicholson is a writer and graphic designer who lives and works in Vancouver, BC. Having written for the web since the 90s, he grew up in a haze of bad haircuts and NBA Jam on the shores of Lake Erie. He is currently a candidate for his Masters of Publishing from Simon Fraser University, and still has a pretty good jump shot even though the nets at the beach are heinous.

The morning after the Madness

What once started as a quiet tradition with Lefty Driesell and the Maryland Terrapins 40 years ago has blossomed into a wildly popular media frenzy. Now, one night every year marks the official beginning of the NCAA season, fully equipped with fan entertainment, team orientation and – don’t forget – practice. Who needs the NBA? College basketball is finally back.

John Stockton of the Utah Jazz

Even in NBA 2K12, fans hosed by lockout

For over three months the NBA lockout inconvenienced just about anybody associated with the game, and video game developer 2K Sports has been spared of no such hassle. With a non-existent collective bargaining agreement and little progress from offseason negotiations, 2K Sports has had to get creative with NBA 2K12. But how long will that last?


Why the NBA in summer makes sense, and why it will never happen

The NBA lockout has waged on to the point where a sub-82-game season is a distinct possibility (if we see a season at all). Recently David Stern mentioned the possibility of pushing a full-length campaign into the summer if a resolution is met this fall, but while the commissioner was skeptical of the logistics of such an endeavor, it may just be the best idea they’ve had in months.


Rick Adelman: Rocket Scientist, Wolf Tamer

Rick Adelman has been there before. He’s led winners, losers and everyone in between, he’s developed youth, he’s channeled versatility and he’s been questioned along the way. Will his new gig with the Minnesota Timberwolves get him an NBA championship? Maybe not immediately, but the similarities between this Wolves team and the Adelman Era Sacramento Kings run deeper than you think.


Imagined resolutions: Ending the NBA lockout

It’s official, the NBA lockout has dragged on long enough to starve basketball junkies worldwide into a painful fit of desperation. TheGP Basketball Editor Travis Nicholson is no different. What happens when the calendar strikes October with no end in sight? Find out for yourself.