Articles by Zach Sommers


Turning back the clock

With the 2012 MLB Winter Meetings underway, Zach Sommers looks back a year to the meetings of 2011 to evaluate the deals, both big and small, that came out of those sessions. With one season in the books, who among Albert Pujols, CJ Wilson and even Heath Bell were worth their contracts?


Evaluating the postseason dropouts

With six teams gone from the 2012 MLB postseason, we can speculate as to their chances to make it back and play meaningful October baseball in the next few years. With a crumbling NL East and re-shaped AL West next year, some teams look to have an easy ticket while others may have to battle. Then there’s Baltimore… Newton’s Third Law will surely catch up to them, won’t it?


Throwing up a Hail Mary; redefined

With the Pittsburgh Pirates clinging to a Wild Card berth, there’s a very real chance that they could face the Atlanta Braves in the play-in game; the same franchise that was responsible for abolishing the Pirates from competitive play and damning them to 20 years of misery. Perhaps the Baseball Gods will step in and lend a hand.